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On the post, “Building a Horizontal Church”, we have suggested some practical Nuts and Bolts ideas to jump-start the “love one another” dimension.  You are invited to add comments anywhere on our blog. But if you have personal experiences on how to help churches become more relational and connectional, we would love to have your post/s.

We suggested some models in areas of worship, prayer, healing divisions, small groups, pastoral care, evangelism and witness.

We welcome your expansion of our list of workable strategies.

5 thoughts on “YOUR IDEAS

  1. First of all, beeee-eautiful blog. If you have read my blog site, you know that I am on board with what you are doing here. If any of my posts can be at all helpful, feel free to quote, cut and paste or whatever you need. I will be following your blog.


    • Ditto. There are no patents or copyrights in the Kingdom, right? We’ve only
      been up a few weeks and are still learning blogology. “Where is the debater of this age?
      Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” The apostles have many
      admonitions against foolish disputations (KJVese)
      I like your spirit brother, or is it sister? I read your message on that old song
      about waiting on the Lord. We don’t sing scripture anymore. Too bad,
      I liked your definition of hope, “joyful expectation.” There’s coming a day
      when neither faith nor hope shall be required, for the unseen believed in and
      the glory hoped for, shall be sight. All will be swallowed up
      in the the one thing that remains, the agape of the Holy Trinity, His unity
      and all embracing love.


      • It is “brother”, so ya know. You may have figured that from reading my blog, by this point. Also, I have known Wade (Horizontal Church) for more than 35 years (he was my pastor and instrumental in my decision to follow Christ).
        Another description of hope, as per a friend of mine, is the emotion of faith…I find that an interesting description.
        Thanks for replying and for reading!


  2. It’s hard to have an unbiased perspective on what our true motives are for doing things. If we witness to others or do other works for Christ we must be in constant prayer and reflexion on how others are receiving what we’re saying or doing. We also need God’s anointing without getting God’s will mixed up with our own. It’s dangerous business being an example or shepherd. One wrong action or opinion could possibly be tying a rock around our necks… But God says to be bold. But first, thoroughly examine yourself for pride, wanting accolades or other dangerous hiddens things we all have as humans.


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