Why are Folks Turned Off to Christ and the Church?

Many blame our culture, but Christians have thrived in societies much more adverse than ours. After Exxon and BP’s oil spills their PR image plummeted. They spent millions trying to win back public respect. The church may have a more difficult task of gaining its reputation in the minds of the public. Of course, the message of Christ’s eternal kingdom and its high standards have always been a bit much for folks to swallow. Yet modern U.S. Christianity has been alienating others in many other ways:  Continue reading

This Little Light of Mine

I am the Light of the World. (John 9:5)   You are the Light of the World. (Mt. 5:14)

When I was a child I thought as a child, I sang like a child, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” Strange the things a child believes. Now that I’m grown I wonder how I, or anyone could believe our lone lights. even a million scattered lights, could make a difference to the darkness.  And yet, the one true light did, and still can make a huge impact.

Who Is this Light? Is It Jesus? Well, yes and no. While he was in the world, He was the light of the world. He shone brightly. Even death did not extinguish the one true Light. But, limited by his humanity, Jesus was still only one light. He sits in heaven, praying for his church, us who believe in Him,  who trust Him and love Him. We, are the world-wide body of Christ,  the Light of the world. We are not just a scattered collection of individuals, each doing his and her thing. When we unite in faith and love, miracles can happen. I know. I’ve seen it three times in my life.

I am not the light.  You are not the light. We are the light together but we must find ways of joining up  together for prayer and common cause in his name. That’s when Christians shine and do wonderful things. When we seek to love one another, as he commanded…when we are in accord, putting aside differences, and squabbles over belief or practice, we can shine like a powerful lighthouse beacon. That light says to our neighbors, “Here we are folks, the Jesus people–come together to announce good news. We are God’s team come to put the darkness in your life to flight and give you the freedom of the Lord.

Our love and unity makes a powerful witness to the world, which is why Jesus prayed fervently, “Father, may they be one, as we are one. That the world might believe.”  Our lack of love, squabbles over beliefs, and sectarianism are also a witness—a very  negative one.

His agape love is the glue that holds His body together; controversy is like dynamite that blows us apart.

No single man put a man on the moon or won a Super Bowl. It takes a team. That’s true of the church. When we bring our lone lights together with other lone lights, we make an impact far greater than even a billion scattered lights shining away on their own.

So, consider adding a grown-up verse to that children’s’ song, “This great light of ours, We’re gonna let it shine.”