Christ’s Church, a Mosaic Masterpiece

“Father, may they [my church] be one as we are one, that the world might believe.” (John 17)

 Recently my wife and I have been connecting with  various congregations in SW Florida. One exciting new church is growing so fast they are looking for a larger place to meet. Their growth may be due to the fact they have no ordained leader. They are a dedicated, close knit group, all pulling together as a team, without professional leadership. Many growing churches in Africa and elsewhere fit this pattern, i.e. being led by the people working together rather than a lone pastor.      Continue reading

Seven Traits of a Winning Leader, Part 3

7. Love and Trust Your People. “The whole point of the Christian ministry is to produce love in believers, a love uncontaminated by self-interest” (I Tim 1:5, Our Paraphrase). The apostle is clear. Without sincere love for the flock and in the flock, there is no point to ministry.  If we lack love for our people, we can ask God’s Spirit to fill us with His love. (Romans 5:5)

Why Hold Them Back? One key way to love your people is to trust them.  Continue reading


“Have a good reputation of those outside the church.” (I Tim. 3:7 Phillips)  All the people respected them.the Lord added to their number daily. (Acts 2: 42-44 Phillips)

Nothing Beats Public Good Will:  Why did Jesus teach that strong solidarity and mutual love in His church would positively impact those outside the church? It’s not a miracle or magic; it’s Continue reading