If you don’t know biblical Greek and wished you did, join us on the KOINE Road. You won’t become experts in the language, but you will discover mysteries hidden in the text and culture of the Greek New Testament. Along the way you will learn a Greek word or two, some grammar and a few cultural tidbits.  You will also discover the Horizontal Church exists in the Bible and its critical role in fulfilling The Great Commission.

KOINE means common and was the everyday Greek tongue spoken in Jesus’s day. The inspired writers of the New Testament were the first to write in that language.  But we don’t have to learn KOINE to understand the Bible. There are many excellent translations. Nevertheless, the saying, “there’s something lost in the translation,” is true.

We invite you to join us as we discover mysteries invisible to those unfamiliar with the original language. The journey promises to be exhilarating, and exasperating.  Surprises and eye-popping scenery. not seen in the best translations,  await us.  Don’t worry if linguistics isn’t your thing.  We use the everyday American English as a key to unlock these mysteries.

BLIND SPOTS.  Another source of KOINE mysteries is our two very different cultures. We might forget the inspired writers were more eastern than western, separated from us by two millennia and several seas and continents. They lived in a different world, viewing things differently from the way we view them. In addition, we have developed conceptions of the New Testament, skewed by our western viewpoint. We call them cultural blind spots. Our challenge is to bridge the gap between our worlds, to see around these blind spots.

WE DO IT WITH MIRRORS similar to the ones in our cars. They are adjusted just so to help us see things otherwise invisible. We will help you spot hidden biases and uncover mysteries of the language and culture of that day. If we do a good job, the Scriptures should open up in a brand new way

Along the way we’ll hit some tough stretches. At times you may think, “That can’t be true!”  Fine.  We warmly welcome a conversation. We have only one road sign on this journey: “We don’t argue.” The history of the church is strewn with doctrinal disputes which have divided us beyond belief. Since our focus is harmony in the body, we hope to engage in honest dialogue, but not prolonged debate.

We hope we can hang in there together. keep the conversation going, and make our way down the Koine Road. We value your comments and questions.

WE ARE THE LAZARUS PROJECT, a team of believers dedicated to resurrecting the Horizontal Church, praying for and encouraging Christian churches to follow Christ’s commandment to love one another that our growing unity will witness to the world that Christ is true, as He said.

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