Why So Little Interest in Jesus?

Jesus and “born again” were hot topics in the 60’s and 70’s. Today people suppress a yawn when we bring Him up. We can feel the growing anti-Christian sentiment around us, but what’s more alarming is that our neighbors’ have no interest when we bring up Jesus, our faith, Jesus, or things Christian.   Polls by Gallop and Barna document the decline of the church’s reputation over the last 50 years. But they fail to note that Jesus’ popularity has plummeted along with the church.

What’s behind His eroded reputation?  How about direct disobedience of His command to “love one another.” and his prayer, “Father,may they be one.”

 We have failed  to reach two generations of young people and are losing a third, many of whom are being taught to actually hate Jesus. Has our failure to obey Jesus’ mandate  a reason why?

Billy Graham s success wasn’t primarily his preaching. I helped lead two of his campaigns in New Jersey. He  would not come to a city if a sizable number of church leaders there did not join together in prayer and support of the campaign. This was one of the keys to his popularity and his fruitful efforts to win others to Jesus. .

 What was his authority? By this shall all men know you are my disciples, “If you love one another as I have loved you.” John 13, 34,35. And Jesus’ prayer, “May they be one Father, as we are one that the world may believe.”

The Love Revolution  a book about Jesus’ forgotten and neglected command ,  written by Pastor Gaylord Ens, greatly impacted the men’s group I am in. He, myself and other believers are praying for the body of Christ in the U.S. to wake up to the Great Command of Jesus  to “love one another,” and his prayer, May they be one Father, as we are one that the world may believe.”

Doesn’t the failure of Christian leaders to bring their flocks together and competition among churches rather than cooperation, show our disrespect for Jesus’  New Covenant command–His new order for a New Order? What if leaders would reach out to neighboring churches and explore ways to bring their flocks together to witness and do good works? What if local  churches were known for their mutual cooperation and united loving actions rather than their competition? Jesus promised obedience to this agape love would make a positive impact on our neighbors. Why don’t folks get this?

Please pray with us to lift Jesus higher as we recall and practice His mandate for us to love one another and his prayer for our spiritual unity.

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5 thoughts on “Why So Little Interest in Jesus?

  1. Wade,

    Thanks for the “God is Dead” post. Your story is special.

    Your life has been a life of challenges and trials for sure. Knowing you are certified sane, I’m sure has been a comfort from time to time.

    Thank you for “permission” comment of my stories last Friday morning. That has been important to me.


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  2. Thanks Wade, for more of your story. It speaks volumes about the quality of your faith that you survived Princeton seminary training and retained your Evangelical faith. My brother’s best friend went into Princeton Seminary as a strong believer in Christ and left as an agnostic. I hear that is the norm.

    As for our conversation with God, in English and other languages… I once took a three hour personality test. I was in the Army, and they were looking for volunteers who would go to Maryland and become subjects for testing various military biological and psychological experiments. The upside would be avoiding being shipped off to war, or foreign lands, easy duty, etc. We were young and too dumb to worry about the downside.

    Anyway, the psych test kept repeating questions, and one question was, “Do you ever receive messages from God?” Every time I came to that question, I hesitated to answer. Of course I hear from God. I pray for guidance, which decision to make, what I should do – and he keeps showing me – through circumstances, advice from others, and through intuition and inspiration – all day long. I have never heard his voice, but I have never been left hanging for long without an answer. So, I answered honestly, yes, I hear from God.

    After about the fifth repetition of that question, and every other question, two and a half hours into the test, I got disgusted and left. I think God was answering my prayed question, “Should I join this program and become a human guinea pig for Army experiments?” The answer was pretty clear. The atheist bias of the test told me everything I needed to know.


    • Thanks for commenting on this post, Dave and for sharing your story. BTW, the test they were giving you was given to me twice at Princeton and I remember that question and how I agonized over it, as you did. I believe that test is rather famous and is still used–The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Test, or something. Charlene knows someone who did complete the test and served as a human guinea pig for the army.


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