What Holds the Universe Together?

“We say atoms are bound together by weak attractors, but let’s admit the truth.  We know the universe is held together by LOVE.”  M. Von Kerr, Mystic and Physicist, CY 9942

The quote above is from an episode of a TV series inspired by Gene Roddenberry.  Dylan Hunt, captain of the Star ship Andromeda, bridges time and space to be reunited with his long lost love, Sara, who is leading an expedition to rescue him from the death grip of a black hole. While she does save her great love, they realize they must acrifice their personal love for a higher purpose–for Dylan to pursue his heroic mission to restore a fallen, darkened universe. In the end, their painful decision bears fruit. The Star ship captain does restore his fragmented kosmos and brings peace to those who inhabit it.

Pretty heady stuff! But let’s look at another quote, not from the mind of Gene Roddenberry, but from the mind of God. “Everything in the universe was made through God’s son and everything is held together by Him.”  Colossians 1: 17

Now, let’s bridge these thoughts with another, even more astonishing revelation–one  that comes to us, fittingly, from the disciple whom Jesus loved.“He that does not love, does not know God, for GOD is LOVE.”—1 John 4: 17

This revelation that GOD IS LOVE is without a doubt, the greatest single statement ever made about God, answering many questions and unlocking a multitude of mysteries. It also reveals the profound insight of Roddenberry’s quote. Christ, who is one with the Father, is Love and is the source of energy that created the kosmos, holds it together and keeps it going with remarkable mathematical precision.

This gives me profound hope for our own darkened world. What do you think?

P.S. The revelation that God is love answers some of our most basic questions .

  • Why are we here? We have been created because it is the nature of Love to require another to love. God created us to love us and to be loved in return.
  • Are we free to choose or not? Love, by nature, requires a free response. To be truly free to choose Love, we must be free to reject Love. This explains why the Creator placed that tree in the garden. It was there to give us freedom to choose God.
  • Why is the world filled with evil?  Since God loves us enough to give us freedom, we are free to reject Him, which we have done, thereby opening a Pandora’s Box of evils such as hatred, strife, abuse, greed, selfishness, violence and wars.
  • Does God watch over us or has he left us to fend for ourselves? Love does not abandon his beloved, but seeks her best. God watches over us and has chosen to preserve us, even though we reject Him. Love so amazing, so divine, demands my life, my all.

There is hope for the human race.

4 thoughts on “What Holds the Universe Together?

  1. Well said, once again!
    One quote…”We must be free to choose, which explains why God placed the tree in the garden.” This has been a point I have been sharing for a few years, now. My version goes, “I know that God gave us the ability and license to choose. After all, it was He who put that tree in the Garden, in the first place.”
    Love demands a choice. God presents us with choices. No matter what choice we make, He doesn’t write us off, either. We are the ones who have a tendency to do that to one another, as well as our neighbor. Love does not do that.
    Sharing this post, sir. Excellent.


    • Here are more thoughts for a future post on God’s nature, with vast implications for us who are created in his image.
      1. GOD IS LOVE. That other John, the Apostle, gives us this awesome revelation of who God is in his essence. But the apostle gives us two other nouns of the same type: God is Spirit and God is Light—making a trinity. [Other descriptors, such as “holy” are adjectives. They describe God. These nouns define Him] I visualize these three aspects of God in the way I visualize the Trinity—by a triangle. The three sides of a triangle are essentially connected, related and necessary in order for a triangle to remain a triangle. Love, Light and Spirit are like that.
      2. GOD IS SPIRIT, tells me, while to us, God is invisible, He is intensely personal. Love, to be love, must be personal. Our spirit is intensely personal and our spirit is the part of us that most clearly defines who we are.
      3. GOD IS LIGHT in John’s epistle, a close examination of “love” and “light” reveals the two are in a causative relationship. Since modern science has discovered that light is ultimate energy, we believe, as Light, God’s energizes all things, including us. Thus, as Light, God gives us the grace to walk in the light, meaning he energizes us to love as he loves. What does John say? We know we love God if we love others, especially those of the household of faith.

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