Gems Gleaned from My Mentors

  • It’s a tough job to get across to us preachers that God’s truths are transmitted more effectively relationally than propositionally.
  • Did Jesus do his best work preaching to crowds and healing multitudes or was it breaking bread with his his friends, the disciples, preparing them to lead a world-wide movement?
  • Serious students of the Bible get it. Christ’s core doctrine is the Great Commandment. When Christians effectively and sincerely love God, one another and their neighbors, they can change the world.
  • Why can 1000 Evangelical leaders come together to meet a political candidate but can’t get together to do the work of the Kingdom?
  • We had better learn to hang together or we will certainly hang separately.
  • The Bible knows little of clergy and lay; pastor and flock; staff and rank and file. They were all saints, equal before God and one another.
  • If by Friday I barely remember what I preached on Sunday, how can I hope to transform and train those who look to me for leadership from the pulpit alone? Maybe I should be looking for creative ways to do this vital work of ministry in a more personal style?
  • Is there anything more vital to the work of the kingdom than finding and training those who sit in our pews to develop as leaders in their area of giftedness?
  • Is the work of ministry to be the task of professionals alone while non-professionals greet, hand out bulletins and sit on committees?
  • I wonder what real benefit our titles are to the kingdom? Peter and Paul were great apostles. but nowhere do we find them being addressed as Apostle Peter or Pastor Paul. They were simply Peter and Paul.
  • Why do we struggle to follow Christ’s example by asking personal, penetrating question. They are often more effective than brilliant observations “How do you know God is good? How would you describe your relationship to Christ? “How are you doing with your spiritual disciplines this week?” These kind of questions can be life changers.

 I owe a great debt to the giants who helped me in training me to serve Christ: Among them are Juan Carlos Ortiz, C.S. Lewis, Bruce Larson, Richard Halverson Bruce Metzger and Leonard Evans

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