Solving the Mystery of God

God is actually unknowable—unless, of course, He chooses to reveal himself.  This is true of every human being by the way. If I don’t open up to you and share myself, you will never know me, not really.

What’s Behind the Curtain? Poor Dorothy, She truly believed the man behind the curtain was a Wizard.  But when the curtain opened, he was just a carnival huckster. Imagine a curtain, behind which lies the ultimate truth of God and the universe. Many, like Dorothy, believe they know what’s behind it, but are they right?  

This curtain is not like any other.  Not a theater curtain, certainly since it seems impenetrable, with no opening. Now imagine various individuals, like Dorothy, standing in front of the curtain.

The Agnostic and the Atheist are our first two visitors. One affirms that there may be something behind it, but we don’t know, and never will know. The other says “No!. There is definitely nothing back there.” They are much alike. Both, with god-like omniscience, have no doubts of their conclusions. Can they both be right? Impossible! So they cancel each other out .

The Second is the Philosopher: He expounds endlessly at all the possibilities and theories, but in the end offers no real conclusion at all, throwing the question back in our laps.

The Third is the Religionist: Like the first two, he has no doubts and will expound his dogmas, doctrines and convictions. The problem is, many other religious folk with contradictory views,  are equally confident about what lies behind the curtain.

Do All Roads Lead to God? Whoever said  that clearly never got on a subway, expecting to go downtown and end up in Hoboken.

To Whom the Curtain Opens. We throw our hands in the air and say impossible, it were not for our fourth visitor. He has no idea what lies behind the curtain. He is an honest seeker, humbly waiting with intense desire , hoping that  the truth will be shown to him.

And then, in time, the curtain does open, being rent from top to bottom, and the seeker falls on his knees crying out, “My Lord and my God.”

Such a one lived centuries ago. By his reputation and his record, he stands as a testimony of a man one stood before that curtain which opened in very dramatic fashion. He didn’t have a last name, like many in those days, he was identified by his city, Tarsus.  His first name was Saul but you may know with another name and maybe his title. Not Mr. or Dr., but St. Paul.