Is God a Republican or a Democrat?

Why Most God Fearing Americans are Republicans  Back in the 70’s when “born again” came into prominence,  sociologists studied Americans who claimed to be born again Christians. The one common trait they found was 90 per cent were Republicans.  Today, we read how 1000 Evangelical leaders met with Trump but we read nothing of a meeting with Hilary, so it’s probably still true. Why?

Evangelicals Focus on Only One Commandment. The Ten Commandments lists six things God hates, yet we tell the world we are concerned only with sexual sins. The sexual revolution has clearly corrupted our nation. Yet God has given us six commandments expressing his hatred for sin, not just the seventh.

Republicans Support Our Favorite Issues which all relate to sexual sins. Democrats oppose Evangelicals regarding these issues: They are:

  1. Abortion: While abortion primarily is concerned with the murder of the unborn, it also relates to sexual promiscuity, since most abortions are performed on single females. It is the Democrats who pushed through laws legalizing abortion in the U.S.  Efforts by Republicans to fight this law are consistently opposed by Democrats.
  2. Homosexuality. Democrats fight to make gays as normal as non-gays, culminating in laws giving gays equal rights to the benefit of marriage. They also pushed for the ban against “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Republicans tend to oppose these.
  3. Explicit Sex in Media: While James Dobson, Phyllis Schafly, and Jerry Falwell fought for decency in media, Democrats saw little problem with declining sexual mores. Republicans do see it and thank God they do.
  4. Ditto Pornography:

But God Also Hates Greed:  The apostles taught that lust of the flesh is for both unlawful sex and the lust for material gain, i.e. greed.  St. Paul equates them”  ”Lust for sexual pleasure… and lust for material gain must not even be named among you. (Ephesians 5:3). Jesus taught more about the evils of greed than any other moral issue, including sexual sins.  The two great evils in the book of Revelation are the Beast, symbolizing the worship of the state and Babylon, symbolizing the worship of luxuries and material things

Greed is Idolatry. Everyone greedy for money is guilty of idolatry and has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.” (Ephesians 5:5). And…”Don’t be greedy. It’s the same as worshiping idols”. (Col 3:5)

What About the Democrats?  They are just as out of balance as the Republicans. Fifteen of the 25 issues in their political platform deal  with  economic injustice. Their only plank on sexual mores defends abortion and the civil rights of LGBT ‘s.

Is Either Party Correct to be Moral Specialists? To fight against lust for sex and ignore lust for material gain is just as wrong as opposing lust for things and ignoring lust for sexual pleasure.

Jesus called us to be “the light of the world” and “the salt of the earth.” Did He ever mean for us to do shine for Him and preserve moral values through the state?  Have we even been successful trying to change public morality through the political process?  Is this really what Jesus meant when he said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s. “ (Matthew 22:21

 What do you believe?  Please tell us. We want to know.




One thought on “Is God a Republican or a Democrat?

  1. What do I believe? Well, I think I will tell you.

    Why is everyone so hung up on morality? Don’t get me wrong, what we call morality is actually living in the way for which we are created and this is important. However, there is nothing that says we are supposed to legislate morality. It is up to me, as a believer/follower of Christ, to obey Him in whatever He puts on my heart or commands. But, it is not up to me to tell anyone else – especially those who do not know Him – how to live “right”.

    As you mentioned, we are to be salt and light (I have some thoughts on this in an older post I wrote). Jesus told us to love God, love our neighbor and love one another. He commissioned us to preach the Gospel – the good news of His love and grace.

    There is nothing where we are commanded or commissioned to enforce, regulate, legislate, moderate or even elucidate morality. What we are supposed to do is, by His power and grace, be Jesus to the world. We are to extend His unconditional love and remain undaunted by how others live.


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