Unveiling the Mystery of God

We puzzle over those well-known mysteries such as UFO’s, the Loch Ness Monster, lost Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, and the identity of Jack the Ripper. They are still unsolved, but there is one mystery that isn’t. St. Paul cited “the mystery of God [Gk: mysterium o Theos] 19 times in his writings, six times in Ephesians alone. But what is this secret of God? “God’s secret, now revealed, is this:  one day, all things in heaven and earth will be gathered together as one in Jesus Christ.” [Ephesians 1:10).  

Human Alienation. We cannot ignore the fact that the human race is in desperate need of God’s healing of our many divisions. Not only are we separated from Him but we are in constant strife with each other. Our history is replete with it—nation against nation, race verses race, upper classes oppress lower classes who in turn revolt and bring down their masters. A sad statistic is that most murders are committed within families. We find strife even in religion. For centuries Catholics and Protestants persecuted each other. Today we read of all kinds of atrocities committed in the name of Allah.

Natural Disasters and Climate Change.  It’s also everywhere in nature. We casually speak of the food chain, which really means one species devours another which in turn devours others. Walk along the seashore and you will soon discover violence everywhere, even within a species. I watched in dismay once as seagulls fought violently among themselves over a single morsel. Alienation exists in the inanimate world as well. Humans have always had to cope with mother nature’s floods, earthquakes, winds and fire. Because we pollute the earth with our waste, our planet rebels by bringing us disease and catastrophic climate changes.

God’s Nature Demands Unity.  It should not surprise us that Almighty God’s ultimate goal is to change all this. We read in His word how he strives to break down walls that divide, reconciling us to himself and one another [Eph. 2: 13-15]. As Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we know He is one God, in perfect harmony with Himself. Mankind, his highest creation, is made in his own image [Genesis 1:27] and he intends all nature to reflect that image of unity as well.

Who is God Anyway? John’s great revelation is “God is love” [1 John 4:12}. Jesus often spoke of the intimate relationship he shares with the Father. “The Father loves the son.”[John  5:20] and “…the son loves the Father [14:31]. Love and unity flow within God’s divine nature. Doesn’t it make sense he wants the same for his entire creation? Paul reveals the church’s vital role in all this. “Through Jesus Christ, God has reconciled us to Himself and gave to us, his church, the ministry of reconciliation, i.e. that by our example we might model God’s love and bring others into harmony with Him.”  [2 Cor. 5:17, 18]

Nature’s Longing. Yes, the whole creation groans in travail, longing to manifest its oneness in Christ. See [Romans 8:19-22] In the meantime, our Lord commands us as the church, to be His light of the world, to model this unity by loving one another as he loved us. He also pleads for us to attain the unity that exists within the Father and the Son.  But how is this possible?

At rehearsals, Toscanini would tell his musicians, “You and I are nothing. Beethoven is everything.” This dying to self is what’s required to truly love each other in God’s family as he loves us. We are to lay down our lives (souls) for each other. [John 15:12-14]. Jesus explained this kind of love is not possible without the power of his life in us, for “without me you can do nothing.“ [John 15:5]

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Lord heal our divisions. Restore your body, your bride, to her rightful heritage as one in Christ.

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