God’s Dream of Unity

In One Accord.   Imagine for a moment the discordant, jangling of trumpets, flutes and violins, all  tuning to different keys, warming up to perform a concert. Can you hear it? Suddenly there’s a tapping as the maestro flourishes his wand. It comes down and the harsh discord miraculously transforms into an exquisite sound, flooding  the auditorium with the wonder of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. These are no longer just individual instruments,  but have joined as a single entity, under one head, uniting in perfect harmony.   

The body of Christ is how Paul describes the church. We have added the metaphor of an orchestra. Both help us understand how the church consists of many members, all meant to cooperate under one head, Jesus Christ. Our metaphor adds the idea that members must follow the composer’s written score as well.  This can be viewed as an illustration of God’s Word, the Bible.

God’s Dream for his Church is also the one He has for His creation. “God’s secret, now revealed, is this:  all things, in heaven and earth, are to be gathered together as one in Jesus Christ.” [Ephesians 1:10). The apostle Paul adds that the church plays a vital role in realizing God’s eventual plan for the universe. “He put all things under Christ’s rule, appointing Him as supreme head over all things to the church.”[Eph 1:22]

The Church, God’s Model  Until His final act of uniting all things in Christ, God intends for the church to serve as a reflection, albeit a dim one, of His future intention.  “..that the manifold wisdom of God might be revealed now through the church…” [Eph 3:10].

The Trinity.  Why has Almighty God purposed to bring all things together in unity? This question brings us to the central truth about His divine nature—that God is love. Jesus taught the Father loves the son [John 5:20] and the son loves the Father [14:31]. He also explained many times that He and the Father are one. So God in his triune nature is love and as love is one within himself. Just as He created mankind in his image so as to love us, He now works to redeem and reconcile his entire alienated creation, bringing it into loving harmony with Himself.

Trinities All Around Us.  Sometimes we hear believers say the Trinity is incomprehensible. Yet we see reflections of it everywhere. Paul has it in the human body. We find it in musical groups. Science tells us that an element exists in three different forms (gas, liquid and solids). Physicists have discovered that  light exists, in seeming contradiction, both as waves and particles.

In marriage, a man and a woman join together, becoming “one flesh.” The Chinese view Yin and Yang (male and female) as a single entity. The motto of the United States, E Pluribus Unum, means one out of many. We know football championships aren’t won by outstanding individual performances, but by teams, whose coaches have blended their individual talents into a winning combination. Yes, the whole creation strains to manifest it’s oneness in Christ, and one day will.

No wonder John, the beloved apostle, stressed over and over our Lord’s command to believers “love one another as have I have loved you.”[John 13: 34,34; 15: 12, 19). No wonder Jesus repeatedly pleaded for his church to be one as he and the Father are one. [John 17:21,22].

Lord heal our divisions. Restore your body, your bride, to her rightful heritage as one body in Christ.