Babylon–the 6th, 7th and 8th Mysteries

The EIGHT mysteries of Babylon  “on her forehead was written a name of mystery: “Babylon the great, mother of prostitutes and of earth’s abominations.” Rev 17: 5

A FOUR PART MYSTERY: Part 3 (See the previous posts which discusses MYSTERIES NO. 1-5: Where Is Babylon? Is She the Apostate Church? and What Does a Prostitute Symbolize in the Bible? Why are there so many references to Babylon’s Luxuries? How is Babylon a Mother?)

MYSTERY NO. 6: BABYLON THE MEGALOPOLIS.  What city is like unto this great city? Rev. 18:18  As we have seen, the reach of Babylon is too vast and powerful to be found in a single city. Like Antichrist, she is an insidious spirit, one that infects the entire world. However, she could be centered in cities. Some megalopolises that might serve as her headquarters are the powerful international hubs of wealth and commerce, fueled by international trade. Major players in this global economy are London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfort, Amsterdam among  others. These cities are also great ports that literally “sit on many waters.” The future beast turns on great cities and destroys them “in a  single hour.” (Rev 18:19).

 MYSTERY NO. 7: HOW DOES BABYLON’ S GREED SHED INNOCENT BLOOD? I saw she was drunk—drunk with the blood of God’s people.” (Rev.17:6)      

How can greed result in death and destruction of the innocent?  Consider Hitler’s Third Reich. It meets all the criteria for an Antichrist since the Nazis were consumed with world conquest and annihilating the Jewish people. They  also murdered many Christians who resisted their godless policies. Hitler’s war and genocide resulted in the violent deaths of more than 50 million. Let’s see how Babylon played an indispensable role in these terrible crimes.

 MYSTERY NO 8: HOW DOES BABYLON RIDE THE BEAST? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides.  (Rev. 17: 7)  

 Genocide Doesn’t  Come Cheap. To wage world war and execute millions of innocents, took careful planning and mucho  Deutschmarks. The Nazi beast looked to German  business to help him  achieve his aims. He relied on many industrialists to design, build, and service gas chambers, poison gas, cremation ovens, tanks, bombers and other instruments of death. There is no evidence they hated Jews or Gypsies. Their motive was gaining the hugely profitable contracts offered by the Nazi beast.                    

 Riding the Beast to Riches. I.G. Farben, a giant chemical company, partnered with the Nazi beast and rode it to great wealth. Farben ran its own slave labor camp at Auschwitz, where tens of thousands died producing rubber. When they were verbraucht (used up), they were moved to death camps and  gassed with Zyklon B.  Two infamous ironies: 1) The patent for that poison was owned by Farben. 2) Many innocents who made it, died in its fumes. Farben’s 24 executives were tried for war crimes, but received light sentences. They returned to their lucrative jobs, getting away with mass murder.

Slave Labor Reaps Huge Profits.  Alfred Krupp was another who rode the beast to riches. His factory, which made holocaust ovens, stands today as a memorial to how doing business with the devil leads to unparalleled bloodshed and death.

Krupp was sentenced to 12 years for employing 100, 000 Auschwitz slaves. But he wasn’t alone. Many other corporations, including Bosch, Mercedes, I.G. Farben, Bayer, BMW, and Audi enriched themselves serving the Nazi war effort,  accepting 300,000 slaves from the Reich.  Most of them died. These captains of commerce further enriched themselves by taking businesses away from Jewish owners.

Profits at Any Cost. Volkswagen received some 20,000 of these inmates from the Nazis, many  from Auschwitz, Dachau and Bergen-Belsen. They worked behind barbed wire on starvation rations, building  land mines, military vehicles, warplanes, bombs and  beaten for taking food scraps off the floor. Is it for atonement for their crimes or twisted irony that recent VW commercials employ three aged Jewish actresses who make ribald remarks to a young VW salesman? Anything to sell  cars, I suppose.

 I Was Just Doing My Job. Hitler employed tens of thousands of men and women  to find, arrest, imprison, and execute millions of innocents. They were not evil people who hated Jews, but ordinary people who did terrible things for a pay check. After all, they reasoned,  isn’t it right and good to provide for my family? When arrested by the allies, these henchmen of the holocaust all had the one excuse: “I was just following orders.”