Praying for Results

Lord, Teach us to Pray.

Creating prayer workshops in a local church is not an easy task these days, but the rewards are great! The objective is to teach folks how to pray for specific results as Jesus taught we should and as the first church practiced. Next, continue workshop as a group that uses these proven methods to help a local church realize its goals.

 I. Getting Started:

     A. Pray for direction. Some possible options to get things rolling:

  1. Lay the groundwork with a sermon series on “Effective Prayer,” using biblical models.
  2. Recruit certain individuals to sign up for a workshop called, “Praying for Results.”

  3. Ease existing study groups into practicing the principles of effective prayer.

  4. Encourage this kind of praying among existing teams and/or committees.

  5. Develop this kind of praying at staff meetings.

  B. Agree on Some Basic Principles:

1.  Jesus and the apostles urge us to ask expecting answers to our specific requests

2.  God delights in answering our requests, in fact it is his will we do so. Starting our prayers with, “if it be your will,” may seem pious, but it’s a faith-killer. We should pray as Jesus did who boldly asked to avoid the cross, but finished “Nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done.”

3.  Question: Is prayer that doesn’t expect an answer really prayer?

4.  Solitary praying is important, however teams that pray together are more effective.

5.  Praying silently is fine, but if we don’t pray aloud how will others agree with us. [We know Jesus prayed aloud because his disciples heard his prayers and recorded them.]

6.  Faith will increase among prayer teams when God answers their specific requests.

7.  Expect these results: overcome obstacles, realize God’s purposes and build community.

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