Fire on the Earth

Jesus said he has brought both fire and a sword. Of course his warfare is with spiritual powers, not governments, as the Jews wanted.  Corporate prayer is like the oxygen that allows the fire to grow. CommUNITY  and a spirit of brotherly love is the fuel that keeps it burning. But our warfare seems to be more with one another.

A House Divided.  I have just read in a periodical how one segment of the church is publicly condemning Franklin Graham for a particular moral stand. Another group is publicly condemning Presbyterians for their beliefs. Who is right and who is wrong isn’t  the major issue. The issue is that normal, functional families don’t air their grievances in the classified ads. What shame we bring on the name of Christ by this public infighting!

If we truly loved the Lord, wouldn’t we put his command to love one another before our moral opinions and pet doctrines?

Spiritual Ophthalmologists. The church is in decline because we have lost our fire and the will to stand together to oppose evil. Instead we are busy removing specks from our brother’s eye while failing to notice the logs in our own.

Is our faith on the fire or ice?  Back in the 70’s, during the Charismatic Renewal, the World Council of Churches invited David DuPlessis, Mr. Pentecost, to interpret this move of the Spirit which was impacting so many Catholic and mainline Protestant believers.

“Why aren’t we experiencing these gifts of the Spirit,” they wanted to know. “Is our faith so different?”

“Oh, no,” he answered. “It isn’t a matter of different beliefs, so much. Rather think of faith as a nice, juicy steak. While we have ours on the fire yours is still in the deep freeze.”

Ezekiel saw bones, dry bones. “Can these bones live?” the Lord asked him? “You know, Lord”, the prophet replied. He was then instructed to prophecy over the bones. They came to life with flesh and blood and became a mighty host. I’m praying and speaking love and peace over my brethren that we will stand against the devil, not against one another.

We believe the church will catch fire once more and come back to life. But it won’t be pretty, because forces of tradition, institution, sectarianism, and the other isms will resist  with all their might. Too bad they don’t realize they are the devil’s tool.

This isn’t a popular message, but the truth seldom is. I take courage from the fact that the love message is the one that made the church great. “Lord, do it again.”  PLEASE COMMENT.