Can We Change Culture?

Schools Ban Bibles.  Thirty years ago, our family witnessed to a single mother and her daughter of God’s love in Christ. The girl was very interested, so I gave her a Bible. She loved it and carried it everywhere.

A few days later, she came to me in tears, “You know that Bible you gave me?  Well my teacher saw it and yelled, ‘Get that book out of here!’ Why won’t they let me bring my Bible to school?”

I was speechless and had no answer. When I was in school I often saw Bibles on teachers’ desks.

Cursing in School.  In our Bible class Sunday, a parent unburdened herself. Her 12 year old son is being persecuted and bullied by other students because he won’t go along with the accepted practice of their unbridled cursing. Teachers either don’t see it as a problem or are afraid to buck an accepted practice.

A Christian teacher is so frustrated with the crisis in our schools, he wants out. He reports Christian teachers have no witness and no voice because of the schools’ zero tolerance policy. Correcting student’s moral behavior, especially along Judeo-Christian ethics, isn’t permitted.

Middle School Sexual Practices. We have been hearing reports for over a decade that middle school boys and girls commonly practice sexual intimacy among themselves.

De Facto Atheists. It’s been going on for quite a while. The schools are turning children into de facto atheists. That is the result when they indoctrinate them with the “scientific fact” that life is formed by accident, not by design.

WE ARE REAPING THE WHIRLWIND. What happens when a culture disregards moral law and refuses to even tolerate the idea that God is? A character in Dostoevsky’s, Brothers Karamazov states, “Where God is forgotten, all is permitted.” The corollary is also true. Where all is permitted, God is forgotten,

Is there hope? Absolutely, but you will be surprised at how it can be done.

Please visit THE HORIZONTAL CHURCH next time. We will document a case study of how Christians changed cultural evils in Juarez, Mexico.

Please join the conversation with your own stories of moral and spiritual decline in our schools or elsewhere.