The Team That Changed the World

People can accomplish anything when they realize they are a part of something bigger. A team of people who share that conviction can change the world.  Nick Fury, Marvel Comics.

I learned a lot from comic books. Yes, the artwork  was fantastic, but to understand what Batman was saying in those clouds over his head, I had to learn to read. Comics were a definite plus in my education.  My favorite superhero was Captain Marvel, who in everyday life was Billy, a mild-mannered news boy. When danger threatened he just repeated “SHAZAM” and was instantly transformed into Superman in red and yellow tights. Sure it was a rip-off, but I didn’t care. Kent Clark was an adult. Billy was a kid like me.

The magic of teams. Superheroes took on an exciting new look when they teamed up. Captain Marvel became the Marvel family, D.C. Comics dreamed up Super Friends. Marvel got in line with S.H.I.E.L.D. and X Men. But my favorite comic book team didn’t have super powers.  Blackhawk was a group of fighter pilots in cool uniforms. They were mere mortals with special skills who joined forces to wage war on Nazism and other evils.

Who dreamed up teams?  Give some credit to the Apostle Paul, who described the church as a team—a united body of Christ made up of many members. “…a body has many parts, and God has put into it each part just where he wants it (1 Cor. 12: 18).

The team that changed the world. Paul learned from Jesus who could have been a super star. But his mission was a global one—too  big a job for him alone. He recruited specialists, molded them into a body, a team of men and women he could work through. He used on the job training to take over when he left. They worked in groups or pairs, never alone. He maximized his effectiveness through them and in a few centuries they did what He could never have done alone. They changed the world.

Teamwork and Prayer.  Jesus also taught them to pray in teams of two or three, but only in agreement. This generates his special presence. The Greek for agree is symphonie.  Look familiar?—Right! It has the sense of being in harmony.

Jesus didn’t fly solo and he doesn’t want us to either.  How about you?: Are you part of a team or are you trying to bring in the Kingdom with your one little light? Why not follow Jesus. Join your light with others with a single light. Shine in the darkness together and be the light of the world.

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