Can We Take Christ out of Christmas?

Maybe you have heard of “second-coming type”. It’s the size type newspapers have reserved for Christ’s return. Until then, Christmas is the greatest event the world has yet witnessed and that’s why it is celebrated worldwide by every tongue, tribe and nation. Even Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, agnostics and atheists join the celebration.

Christmas is such a big deal! It has the greatest music ever, with more songs than you can count—everything from Handel’s Messiah to Rudolph. Families travel thousands of miles just to be together for the season. Everywhere colorful lights dazzle us. I’ve thrilled to yachts by the scores floating down Florida waterways, lit up like well, Christmas trees! And don’t forget the decorations and presents.

All of this fuss is to honor Jesus!  I used to agree with the bumper sticker, “Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas.” But I’ve changed my mind. True, most who are caught up in the celebration don’t have a clue what they are celebrating.  But now I’ve just come to be glad they are celebrating.

After all, remember those critics at the first Palm Sunday. They were down in the mouth about the thousands who lined the streets of Jerusalem, shouting, honoring Jesus. Most of them didn’t have a clue either. Yet Jesus answered the critics, ”I tell you, if they were quiet, the stones would have to cry out!” (Luke 19:40 INV).  Wouldn’t he say the same about all the fuss over him at Christmas?

No wonder!  Christmas was a one -time event. Nothing like it will ever happen again. It was the miracle invasion of our dark planet by the Lord of glory Himself. He came to be born, live and die among us because he loves us too much to see us lost in darkness and guilt or to be plagued by fear of death.

So I ask, can we take Christ out of Christmas? Not really. He is Christmas.

This song tells the old, old Christmas story in a fresh way. I wish you could hear it sung, but that’s beyond our technical competence. I hope it helps you appreciate this miracle season of unspeakable joy. After all, Christmas is not just for believers. it’s for the  world.

                                                                  Holiness Hung in the Air

 An  angel  brought Mary glad tidings that day.

She  was a  maid  –  en   both hum – ble  and  fair.

He   told  of  a   birth  that  would  change  the  earth,

And holiness hung in the air.  Oh holiness hung in the air.

The   young   coup-le  came  to a  quaint crowd-ed town,

Where  the  maid – en  gave birth on a  bed of hay.

Ma gi  and   sheherds all  gather – ed  around.

They   hard ly    knew      what    to      say.

For   hol-i-ness   hung   in   the    air.

There in a  cat-tle trough, rough  and  crude

The    Lord   of   glo  –  ry      cried     and      cooed

His   few  cho-sen guests  with a – stonish – ed   joy,

A –  dored    this     mir –  a –   cle     ba  –  by    boy

And    hol –  i  –  ness    hung  in     the     air.

Yes,  holi-ness    hung    in    the    air.

Kings    and   pea – sants    held    hands   that   night;

While angels were sing-ing His prais- es on high

The maiden gazed down at a wondrous sight

And  t – tered  a  new  moth  –  er’s    sigh

For hol- iness  shone  in  his   hair.

Glory shown bright in his hair

Well  who  would’ve  guessed   and who  could’ve  known

The world  would  remember that first Christmas  night,

With sing- ing  and feast- ing  and  daz-zling   lights.

In this mir a cle  sea-son of giv -ing   we  share.

For  there’s  hol  –  i – ness  still  in  the air.

        Christ’s    glo  –  ry     shines     bright

In     the    air.