My Vision of the Bride of Christ

People wonder why we of the Lazarus Project have such a passion to see the body of Christ come together and become one in the Spirit of God. This burden was first placed upon be by a mentor, a great Christian, Leonard Evans, many years ago.

Everywhere he preached the love message of John 13: 34, 35.  He had a call on him and was convinced, that that the visitation of the Holy Spirit in the last century was for a single purpose—to realize the prayer of Christ, “Father, may they be one, that the world may believe, but Leonard died of a broken heart. His message was disregarded and ignored by the church.

I am in no way a visual person. When I close my eyes, I rarely ever see a thing. And yet, over 20 years ago, while in prayer one evening, I did see something very vivid and real.

The Vision was of a lovely young woman, wandering alone and lost in a barren wilderness. She was dressed in a bridal gown once shining white, but now soiled and torn. I could see how thirsty she was and how her tears had stained her face. Each step she took left a bloody footprint in the sand.

“Lord,” I asked. “Who is this?”

“My bride,” He answered. “My American bride.”

I wept! And could not stop weeping. I felt the Bridegroom by my side, weeping for her as well.

I must admit, that I was puzzled about why this vision was given me. When I tried to get this message across to others, there was little in the way of understanding or receptivity.

Now. years later, I retired and ready to take it easy. But the Spirit of God spoke clearly to me through a believer and then was confirmed in my heart   “I’m calling you back into the ministry to give this message about my body, my bride.”

“Lord,” No one will listen, besides, I am getting old now.  What can I do?

“Intercede,” he said.  “And prophecy”  “Call my lost bride back home.  Weep with me. Woo her and win her back to her Bridegroom. There are many others that I’m calling as well.  This is the hour of her restoration.”

I am committed now to this holy vision,in part through prayer and in part through our blog The Horizontal Church.

Lord of Mercy and Grace, forgive us our divisions. Heal and restore us, we pray and bring us back into the unity of former days of Your church’s power. 

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    • Sorry to be so late in replying. I just learned how to get onto this page.
      No Joan, I haven’t had another vision. But I do get comfort and encouragement from God’s Holy Spirit to persevere on this path


      • That is okay! I knew you would return a message sooner or later…it just happened to be later. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂


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