Dreams, Visions and Revelations

Have you ever experienced something so unusual and perhaps wonderful, that you can hardly talk about it?  I have a hunch many of us have.  What are these odd experiences? Perhaps we’ve been touched by the invisible world of which this present one is but a shadow—what the Bible calls Spirit.  Like Mary’s visitation from an angel, we can only “ponder it” in our hearts.

How else could the apostles have had such a strong conviction about this unseen world?  Listen:  “I am convinced that these troubles we suffer in this life are small and insignificant compared to the wonderful, glorious life awaiting us.” (2 Cor 4: 7 Our tr.)  

“These temporary bodies we live in are a burden…but one day we will exchange them for heavenly bodies that will never wear out…God has given us a witness of this reality. I’m speaking of the gift of His Spirit. (2 Cor 4: 4-5, Our tr.)

Paul knew these things just as surely as a man knows the woman he loves and wants to spend his life with her. It is an inward knowing, a witness of the deepest part of us, called the spirit. The indwelling Holy Spirit testifies to us now of the better things which are to come.

But Paul had an objective, outward knowing of these things as well. Listen:”I was caught up to the third heaven fourteen years ago. Whether I was in my body or in the Spirit, I don’t know…But I do know that I was brought up to paradise and heard things too wonderful to speak of, in fact they are things none of us are permitted to speak of.” (2 Cor 12: 2-4 Our tr.)

We hear many reports of how God is moving among Muslim people today. They are experiencing visions and revelations and dreams which witness to the Messiah, Jesus.

There are also many verified accounts of adults and children who have visited this unseen world and come back to tell us of their glorious experiences.

Several times in my life I have had unexplained experiences.  One of them can only be called a vision. I will describe it in our next post. It will explain why we have such a passion for Christ’s church—to see her destructive divisions healed and our returning back to one another.

Lord, help us to treasure any odd visitations we have had of your unseen world. Remind us of the great love you have for us when you made the greatest visitation of all—coming and living among us and dying for us that we might be raised up to eternal life. 

One thought on “Dreams, Visions and Revelations

  1. In re-reading this post today (two days after your surgery) I’m struck by a few things.

    1. You refer to Paul’s writing: “troubles we suffer” and “These temporary bodies we live in are a burden.” My prayer for you is complete healing and recovery from this cancer. I believe what Paul says, that one day we will exchange these earthly bodies for ones that will never wear out, but I’m asking God to allow you more healthy years to see your Lazarus Project through.

    2. It’s amazing that at the same time you were writing this post I was writing what you posted the following day! Two siblings prompted to write about this brush with the spiritual realm at the same time! A bit of a mystery. A bit of a miracle.


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