We Are One in the Spirit, One in the Lord

Please join the conversation. We would especially love to hear your own stories about how you have felt especially connected to others who have helped you through tough times.

A week ago the urologist sat down with me with a serious look on his face. “The biopsy was positive, he said, “and it’s advanced and aggressive.” There has been no trace of cancer in our family. But in prayer I had received “My grace is sufficient for you,” so it didn’t come as a total shock. However, when told the extent of it, I was shaken. On July 9th we will get the test results to find out if it has spread.

Loved ones divide sorrows and multiply joys: If one member suffers… Charlene was upset of course, but she held strong. I was feeling so sad and reluctant about telling my sisters and three children. the other members suffer with it.  When I did, I felt their shock, pain and their love, I realized this wasn’t just my burden to bear, it was ours. I have received an outpouring of love and support from them as much as anyone could want or expect. And we are planning a family get together at my son’s Kentucky home. His family is home on furlough from the mission field.

If one member suffers… All of them are believers now, since my sister Mimi and her husband Ron accepted Christ recently. the other members suffer with it. Ron, a cancer survivor, was especially feeling my pain. His letters have been so helpful and loving. Folks don’t just pray for me, they write them out and send them to me. Some of us are praying through the Psalms together, one at a time.

If one member suffers… Doug and I have been friends for years. We meet for prayer, study and friendship at McDonald’s. the other members suffer with it When I told him the news, we were both grieving. He told me His father died from this same disease and has been in steady touch with me since.

If one member suffers… Sunday is our day to be with the body of Christ at the Cypress Lakes Methodist Church. Dave and his wife Edith happened to see me early and asked how I was. I told them. the other members suffer with it. In deep sorrow, they came and put their arms around me with such love and compassion! They are both cancer survivors—he told me his recovery is complete and raved about the doctor, who is also my doctor.

Dave prayed for me and wrote a supportive email letter to the large class he leads, with a comforting prayer for us. We felt so loved. At worship, Joanna sat next to me who is in a Women’s Bible Study group Charlene leads which has been praying for me. At prayer time, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. After church Marium, an intercessor in Charlene’s group, greeted me with a sad smile and encouraged me with a story of a miraculous recovery.

If one member suffers… In our Sunday class, we are studying Christ’s return. I shared that we have the wonderful hope of His return, but whether we are here then or not, He will come for each one of us when we leave this life. I explained about the disease and told them He might be coming for me sooner than I thought. I also told them how great my family has been and that I considered them family as well. the other members suffer with it. The shock and sadness on their faces, some near tears, told the whole story. I could feel how much they cared for me. St. Paul was certainly right about our deep connection in Christ’s body.

I feel sad for unbelievers who have to go through things like this without the kind of support I’ve had. I feel just as sad for believers who face their own bad news without a real horizontal church connection to support and pray for them.

Lord, help each one of us to get connected with others on a deeper level so we can show Your love and unity to the world, which as Jesus said, validates our witness.

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