Don’t Be Brainwashed by Wise Fools

If a million monkeys had a million typewriters in a million years ….they could replicate the complete works of Shakespeare.

Supposedly intelligent, educated people believe such stuff– that non-intelligence can produce intelligence. For many, it’s their religion. They preach it through books, articles, the internet, talk radio and most effectively to our children at school. Their goal is to eliminate intelligent design from education and the Designer from their universe.

When David Frost asked English evolutionist, Julian Huxley why he was so adamant in his beliefs, he replied “Because I don’t want a supreme being mucking about in my bedroom.” Subject to depression and numerous nervous breakdowns, a biographer wrote that Huxley “was torn between intense desire and guilt.”

Life on Mars?  Is there anything in the universe more complex than the human brain? It’s a computer impossible to duplicate. If it could be, it would be larger than a football stadium. The Master Designer made one weighing about 42 ounces which fits snugly in a small cavity between our ears.

Yet these “experts” insist this marvelous invention developed by itself, through chance over millions of years, like monkeys at typewriters.  Consider what a stir there would be if the simplest tool was found on Mars.  All over the world headlines would blaze: “INTELLIGENT LIFE ON MARS!”.

God in a Test Tube. At Cornell University I sat under a “brilliant” young biology professor. He started out his lectures on evolution with this surprising statement. “You may wonder why we dismiss the possibility of God.  It’s because you can’t put God in a test tube.” What he neglected to add was, it’s also impossible to test evolution, unless you have millions of years to do so.

Wise fools. One of the leaders of this anti-God movement is Richard Dawkins. He’s swayed many, including Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe.  The Bible reveals their true message:Let’s get free of God’ Cast loose from Messiah!” (Psalm 2:3, The Message).  Many advocate a strong moral code, but it’s an impossible task. Dostoevsky wisely explained, “Without God, all is permitted.”

Jesus is Coming, Look Out! How does our Eternal Designer weigh in? Heaven’s enthroned God breaks out laughing.  At first he’s amused at their presumption; then gets good and angry. (Psalm 2:4, The Message). We used to see something like this on bumper stickers. “Jesus is coming, and He’s really #@&+ !”  What is their destiny? I’ll expose so-called experts as crackpots. Where can you find the truly wise, the truly educated the truly intelligent in this day and age? …God exposed it all as pretentious nonsense? (I Cor 1:21-23, Message)

Like us, they face a day of reckoning. God’s word to them is what he said to the man who lived for riches: “You fool! This very night your soul is required of you.” (Luke 12:20 NASB)

6 thoughts on “Don’t Be Brainwashed by Wise Fools

  1. The amount of straw-men in this article could keep infinite fields from murder, and the fallacies, if edible, could feed infinite Indian elephants. And your misreading (if you read it at all) of Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov is absolutely maddening.

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    • Hello Alexander,

      Thank you for visiting our blog site and thank you for your comment.
      You are obviously well read, so please find your copy of Brothers Karamzov and turn to Part 4, Book 11, Chapter 4 (“A Hymn and a Secret”). Addressing Alyosha, Mitya (Dmitri) Karamazov quotes himself , retelling an earlier conversation with Rakitin. If you would like the quote in Russian I can accommodate.

      While your ad hominids cut a bit, I welcome any and all intelligent comments. I promise to keep emotion out of any replies.
      P.S,. I have degrees from Cornell, Princeton and Yale, so I guess somewhere along the line I must have learned the alphabet.


      • And thank you for your reply! Your degrees are very impressive, and surely manufacture credibility on your part. They are, however, none of my concern.
        Nothing I said in my comment was ad hominid. Your article is full of strawmen and fallacies, full stop. That’s not an attack against your character, sir, it’s an attack against a deliberately misleading article, an article which also completely misrepresents and misunderstands the theory of evolution. A damning mistake, that.
        Dostoevsky did not “wisely explain” that “Without God, all is permitted.” Ivan Karamazov says this, but the book, as we’re obviously both familiar with, later asserts that this is not the case.
        Please, before you make everyone on the internet aware of your prestigious degrees, make sure your argument is airtight.

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  2. Creationism vs Evolution seems to be one of those debate subjects where minds are fully made up and neither side is going to budge. Like a political debate between Left and Right.

    I also wanted to add a bumper sticker I once saw on a car in the Post Office in Olney, MD. I had to back up, reread and ponder. It has made me sad to this day: “I was born right the first time”


  3. The Million Monkeys at a typewriter was misattributed to Huxley but the typewriter had not been invented at the time he allegedly referred to it… It was introduced into the Evolution vs Creationist debate by..A CREATIONIST.


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