How to Make the Devil Mad

If You Were the Devil   In the movie, Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix, Harry realizes the Dark Lord is on the move and that war is imminent. Because no one believes him he feels all alone and withdraws to face Voldemort on his own.

At last he confides his feelings of isolation to a friend. She tells him  he is not alone, that people love him and support his mission. She then warns him of the dangers of going alone.

Luna:  I suppose that’s exactly the way he would want you to feel.

Harry:  What do you mean?

Luna:  If I were You-Know-Who, I’d want you to feel cut off from friends. That way you’re no threat.

Let us not give up the habit of meeting often together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another…” (Hebrews 10:25 GNT)

Let’s Not Let Him Get Away with It!  Do Christians make the same mistake Harry made by being lone star believers, riding the range of me, myself and I?  Do you remember the saying, “An isolated Christian is a defeated Christian”?  I remember, “Take the coal out of the fireplace and it will surely burn out”. Our enemy is happy when we think we can go it alone and follow the Jesus and me path, thereby forsaking the body of Christ. Alone we are an easy target for the devil to pick us off one by one, weakening the body of Christ.  Divide and conquer is his motto. His slogan is isolate and defeat. Will you let him?

Get the Devil’s Goat. The devil is ecstatic when you withdraw from the brethren. Make him mad by joining a small group in your church or starting one. The devil thrives in discord. Give him a fit by trying to be in one accord with your brethren. He loves conflict. Kick him in the pants by being a peacemaker—advocate unity among divided brethren. The devil delights in arguments. Bury the sword of doctrinal debates. The devil is pleased with bitterness and anger. He’ll tear his hair out if you speak the truth in love. The devil feeds on secrecy. Starve him out and find healing by confessing your secret faults to someone you trust.

The Forgotten Dimension. The church, like the cross, has two dimensions. We know the vertical very well: to love God, but the horizontal, not so much. Our culture tends to ignore what the first church celebrated: it’s strong sense of community and love for one another.

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