The other night my foot got tapping listening to “Nashville”, the TV series starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, It wasn’t their usual soap opera, but really fine music with behind the scenes interviews. The exceptionally talented cast teamed up with some great song writers and musicians to do a Nashville concert. It was great to see how they blended their talents and their voices.

A country western song popped into my head, best a Pittsburgh boy could do, anyhow. (I am from western Pittsburgh). It’s about how Jesus knew he couldn’t be a lone star. To do this job right, it would take a team, (a major theme of this blog),

I scribbled the words down and typed it up. The results are below. Any song writers out there? Tinker with it, take your shoes off, put some music to it maybe.

That Jesus Team

Forty days and nights
He was hungry and hot
On the desert’s backside
Took the devil’s best shot
He’d prayed on through
And the time was right
Yeah The Galilean knew
Just what to do
He would form a team.
It would take a team

He didn’t go it alone
Wouldn’t be a lone star

No – no-no-ooo
He formed a little band
And those twelve went far
Ya know the fields are still white
So let’s pray on through
Do what we have to do
So let’s be His team.
Ya know it takes a team
Being a first century Jew, Jesus had to be a pretty fair singer. They sang the Psalms, back then, you know.  I can imagine our Lord joining in on the chorus, rooting us on to team up with Him and one another and get off the “loner” bandwagon.