Update for Our Loyal Blog Readers

Update Regarding Wade, Our Blog Writer

Good news.  There was a great report today from Wade’s surgeon regarding his cancer surgery.

Wade is still recovering, however, and hopes to have another post as soon as he’s able to use his computer. We solicit your prayers for a quick return to his blog ministry.

Since his illness came to light so suddenly and had to be dealt with so quickly due to the serious aggressive nature of the type of cancer, he did not have time to build up a portfolio of posts to use during his recovery.

Thanks for understanding,

The Lazarus Team

My Very Own Cloud of Witnesses

NOTE: Wade is in surgery today, but we do have our first guest blogger. This post. comes to us from our beloved “baby” sister, Dale, a valued member of the Lazarus Project team.

They’ve added spice to my life–like a well-seasoned oven roast–in fact, I am who I am, in large part, because they’ve touched my life and I love them still, deeply in my heart. Though they are gone from this world, their fragrance is all around me. It’s kind of like those cookbooks, full of colorful photographs that almost let you taste each recipe. Continue reading

He’s the Vine, but What or Who are the Branches?

Surprising Statistics. In the Vine and Branches passage in John 15, Jesus referred to branches in the plural. Curious, I highlighted all the plural forms of “you” I was amazed to find 51 of them in the first 17 verses alone—averaging three per verse. Yet I found no singular forms.  Except for verse 5, Jesus speaks to “us” collectively, not “me” individually.

Our Vertical and Horizontal Connections. Yet when I used to read it,  I personalized and individualized the passage applying to myself.  Jesus wasn’t speaking to me. He was addressing his church.
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